SPELL Play Activity Programme 2018-2019

At the start of the new term in August all playgroups and toddler groups are allocated their yearly free play activity session. You can make a booking on: 01698 768944 or by emailing us at: spell.org@btopenworld.com 

The following play activities that can be booked this term:

Little Green Fingers 

Tending your own plants and growing your own food is a great way for children to develop new skills and learn about science and nature.  Whether it is growing a sunflower or a vegetable, these fun activities will help children make new discoveries about the weather, the environment and about where our food comes from.  There are five gardening sessions to choose from:

1.  Wild about Sunflowers            2.  Bonnie Butterflies             3. Where's My Beanstalk     4. Crunchy Radishes        5. Speedy Veg

*Sessions 1,2 and 3 are available from March to June and sessions 4 and 5 are available throughout the year.

Fantastic Frogs

Fantastic Frogs is a creative and energetic play session that allows children to explore their imagination and participate in active play.  The activity has a nature theme that focuses on the frogs and the world they live in.

Farmyard Story & Songtime

A wonderful play activity where singing, storytelling and costumes are used to help children learn all about life on the farm.  Children will get the chance to dress up in farm and woodland animal costumes, play fun games and discover the different types of animals that live in the countryside.  The Play Tutor can also adapt the activity to incorporate a particular season, for example winter/spring on the farm.

Music and Drama

Children receive a 45 minute session of music, songs, dressing up and role play.  This type of play enables children to build self-confidence, develops their language skills and encourages them to use their imagination.  There are 6 different themed sessions to choose from:

1.  Under the Sea   2.  Pirate Adventures   3.  Spring & Summer     4.  Autumn & Winter    5.  Christmas 

6. Jungle Carnival

Arts and Crafts

As with all our play sessions, parents and carers are encouraged to participate with their child.

In our new arts and crafts sessions children will enjoy songs, stories and crafts. The tutor will bring all the necessary equipment and provide aprons for messy sessions. If your group wants a particular theme for your craft session please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We currently have 6 different themed sessions to choose from:

1.Seaside Crafts     2. Halloween     3. Christmas     4. Easter     5. Mother’s/Father’s Day     6. Nature

Tots in Space - NEW

Build a rocket and go an adventure to the moon and discover the wonders of space, planets and the stars. You might even find an alien on your adventure. 

Seaside Adventures - NEW

Enjoy a day at the beach with Lifeguard Kim. With lots of pretend play and fun activities children will be transported to the beach. There they will discover what animals live in rock pools, build sandcastles and learn how we can all look after sea life and our beaches.

Little Scientists - NEW

Children will explore and take part in simple science experiments. Working together,

children will explore with their senses, learn about the world around them and improve their language skills.

Little Road Stars – NEW

An interactive activity about road safety. Using games, songs and

role play, Kim the Lollipop lady will show children how to be safe near roads.

Old MacDonald’s Farm - NEW

Meet Farmer MacDonald and learn all about life on the farm. Help farmer McDonald build a barn for her farm animals and collect in the harvest.

Super Heroes - NEW

Become a super hero for the day. Children will make their own cape, mask and shield, and take part in various activities to help Super Kim find her lost cape.

Clay Workshop

This creative workshop gives children the opportunity to practise modelling, express their own ideas and learn about shape, size and different textures.  This activity provides a sensory experience for children as they are using their hands to learn how to manipulate clay.

The Play Tutor will provide non-toxic air-hardening clay and all other necessary equipment for the activity.  This activity is ideal for both children and adults and encourages a lot of parent and child interaction.

Tutti Frutti

This healthy eating activity aims to increase young children’s awareness of fruit and vegetables, how they grow and why they help to keep us healthy. Children are able to participate throughout the session and will learn where and how fruit and vegetables grow. The session also involves storytelling and tasting a variety of fruit and vegetables.

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